Hide gold underground

How to Hide Your Money and Gold Underground

When it comes to hiding precious metals, money or other valuable, there is no better way to do this than to hide it underground. It is relatively easy to throw off detection.

For most purposes some of the best places to hide money, cash or valuables is in a home security safe. There are many affordable fireproof home safes out there as well.

But for those to whom hiding their money in a home safe isn't an option for one reason or another, hiding money underground is a good option.

hide gold cache

The idea of burying treasure underground is by no means a new one, but due to the global economic recession, it is an idea that is gaining in popularity once again.

With mounting bank failures and an increasing intrusion into people's lives by government, it isn't hard to understand why some folks would resort to this method of hiding money.

Thanks to inexpensive plastic plumbing pipe (PVC pipe) and waterproof resins, you can make your own do-it-yourself underground safe to hide your cash, gold, jewelry, heirlooms, important documents, or any other valuables.

Plastic pipe will withstand virtually all of the elements as well: acids, salts, water and other natural elements.

How to Make an Underground Safe for Your Valuables

To "cache" your goods, you need 6-8 inch plastic plumbing pipe, cut about 20-60 inches long, threaded on the ends.

Get two threaded end caps with some plastic pipe cement, or "ABS" plastic cement. You could also thread the end caps before doing anything and submerge the tube underwater to see if there are any leaks. In any event, after the waterproof glue is applied, you should have no worries.

Get some zip lock plastic bags and put your goods into multiple layers of them, and zip them up tight.

Roll some elastic bands around them as well to help your goods fit into the tube. If you can save some of the silica gel packets from inside vitamin bottles, they will combat mould, moisture and mildew.

hide gold guns money underground

Silica gel rebinds moisture (water molecules) in its random intersecting channels which have various diameters. Your stash will remain dry, even after fully saturated with water vapor.

Place your goods at one end of the pipe, and mark the other end, as you will have to cut the pipe open to get to your goods one day, and do not want to risk damaging them.

Get a posthole digger and dig some holes in a location of your choice about 5-6 feet deep.

If you are burying gold, and metal detectors are a worry to you, consider burying your cache tubes near a metal fence post, or other similar innocent looking structure. Most metal detectors can only reach some 12 feet underground to find a 3/4 inch pipe.

You could even bury hundreds of little pieces of metal washers and lug nuts around the area a few inches or feet underground to throw off any snoop with a metal detector, who may have reason to suspect you're burying gold or other valuables made our of metal in your backyard.

In any event, hiding your cash either in the ground or your home depends on several things: your ability to keep a secret from anybody and everybody, thinking like a snoop to outsmart one, exercising discretion with whom you trust.