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How to Use Diversion Safes

What is a diversion safe? Most people could not idnentify one because they are naturally designed to confuse people. They are ordinary looking everyday objects which allow you to safely hide your valuables in plain sight, right under everyone's nose! Diversion safes are made from an everyday household objects such as books, food containers, cans, clocks, electronic equipment or even a wall outlets.<

Diversion Safes: Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight!

Diversion safes are hollowed out, but weighted to feel full, and with the top or bottom opening to reveal the secure hiding place for your valuables. One can't tell the difference between the real product and the diversion safe.

They look just like the genuine thing. The biggest enemy to any burglar is time and visibility, and when one is breaking into a home, they just do not have the time to examine everything in the home in thorough detail. The best diversion safes are therefore the ones that are the most innocuous looking.

Far too many people still hide their cash or stash under the mattress, under the door mat, in the flower pot nearest to the front door or in some other place that is sure to arouse a probe from a burglar. Most home burglars spend less than 7 minutes in the average home, because they have a limited set of places to look for valuables in this time frame.

The best diversion safes can discourage any burglar because they do not have time to search the entire house. When a diversion safe is in a place where it naturally belongs, like a diversion safe disguised to look like a common household container, stuck in among a dozen or so other household cleaners, it might even throw off other members of the family or roommates, if one were to wish to hide cash from family members.

Who would look in a container of floor polish for valuables? Then there is also your office, car or garage or even your boat or camper.

Diversion safes are not the be-all or end-all in securing your valuables, but they can give you the peace of mind that your valuables are reasonably safe. No longer will you have to worry about where to hide your cash or will you have to hide money under the mattress or bedroom carpet. Hide it in fake electrical panel or hollowed out table leg, or banister railing! Home-rolled diversion safes are so versatile that you are only limited by your imagination!