Install a DIY Home Alarm System

Install a DIY Home Alarm System

When it comes to choosing a home alarm system, the choices that you have are pretty broad. You can start with those portable personal alarms that can be hung over a door, or a DIY wireless alarm, and go from there all the way up to a professionally wired alarm system. You can even repurpose an old cell phone and use that as a spycam. You have tons of choices here.

It all depends on a few factors. However, just having an alarm is the surest way to foil a burglar,as 60% of all burglaries involving alarm systems are unsuccessful for the burglar.

For example, what is your budget? What is the overall value of what you have to protect? Are there children, pets or elderly people in the home or apartment that could interfere with the normal operation of a specific type of alarm system? There are many options available to you today, from photoelectric beams to vibration sensors to common motion detectors. It all really comes down to choosing what is best and most practical for your situation.

If there are members of your family, such as elderly or young children that could make it hard to keep an alarm system armed, it might be a better idea to put some of your most valuable possessions in safety deposit boxes, and get a more extensive insurance policy.

Having pets might make it hard to keep a system properly armed if you are considering getting motions sensors. If so, think of limiting the access of your pets to areas covered by motion sensors when you go out. Or consider getting a pet sensitive motion detector like the Bosch Pet Aware Passive IR Wireless Motion Sensor, or using what is known as a "zoned alarm system", which only activates or arms certain areas of your home at certain times of day.

Your Own DIY Home Alarm System