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Free Video Surveillance Software

video surveillance software

Building on the DIY Video Surveillance article, there are quite a large selection of free video surveillance software solutions out there that you can use to improve your home security, or monitor child safety.

CatSpy is a video surveillance application, which enables you to create a video surveillance based on cameras connected to your computer. It includes complex motion detection, a pre-motion recording facility and uses all DirectX 9 compatible capture devices. The detected "motions" are recorded as an AVI file, compressed by any DirectX 9 compatible compressor installed on your machine.

Surveillance Scan

Surveillance Scan II is a free webcam surveillance app with JPEG-support, and with motion detection!

Video DVD Maker

Video DVD Maker is a DVD authoring authoring tool which can be used for video surveillance as it can capture video from TV tuners, web cameras, DVs and import most video formats, and burn an output onto a CD/DVD disk.


U-Broadcast is a webcam viewer which is useful as a video surveillance software with its TV-tuner viewer, video capturer, live-stream server application. to Windows Media Player and can stream the live video via a specific IP address.


HSSVSS is a free ware video surveillance software that captures photographs by using motion detection or time-lapse photography. HSSVSS captures photographs by using motion detection or time-lapse photography and can email surveillance reports and has TV out support. (there is an article about setting up a free PC Video Surveillance System using HSSVSS)