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DIY Video Surveillance

Adding a motion detecting video surveillance system to your home or apartment is easier, and cheaper than you might think, and the solution lies right in your PC. Something like this could be a lifesaver, when it comes to checking up on your family, home, children and pets. A PC based video surveillance system is as easy as adding a webcam, or digital camera to free video surveillance software on your own computer.

How to set up a free PC Video Surveillance System for either Windows or Linux!

There is a free high-quality efficient video surveillance system that you can use to monitor your home for any potential threats like residential burglary or simply use it to monitor your kids or pets from your mobile phone while at work!

Create Your Own Video Surveillance System - With Any Camera

Xeoma is likely the best webcam software that allows you to use either a camera or webcam as a video and motion detecting surveillance system, which can even generate time stamped images of anything that moves in specified key monitoring zones, and saves them as JPEG images.

The cool thing about Xeoma is that it can work with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android devices) and it also works with nearly every major webcam on the market. Its Intellectual motion detector with advanced false alarm avoiding logic, motion-triggered or scheduled notifications (SMS, email, sound alarm, etc.) and screen captures, work with sound are perfect for staff monitoring and parental control.

You can set Xeoma to monitor every room in your home using a USB hub, which allows multiple cameras, providing that the digital cameras themselves support video, which most of them do. For this all you need are USB Active extension cables to ensure that the camera can be located at a distance.

Some of Xeoma's Features

  • Compatible with any webcams, analog cams, including WiFi wireless cctv cameras
  • Supports IP-cameras (including H.264, H.265, JPEG/MJPEG, MPEG-4, Fisheye, PTZ and ONVIF, wireless cams, i.e. perfect both for wired and wireless cctv)
  • Any resolution (Mpix)
  • Screen captures from all monitors simultaneously
  • Adjustable sound quality and sound volume
  • Up to 2 000 cameras can be connected on 1 computer!
  • Remote view via mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad supported)
  • Online view of all cameras with sound
  • Full remote access to settings, archive and cameras
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Possibility to embed camera image to your site
  • Remote access even with dynamic IP address
  • View of archives in web browsers