Hide Money From An Abusive Spouse


To break free from such a horrible situation involves careful planning and resources and finding some creative ways of hiding money that one can use when forced to escape a potentially dangerous situation involving domestic violence. The plan in escaping an abusive relationship includes having a safe destination, where obviously, you will not be found […]

How to Defend Yourself Against Punches

block -punches

By far the most common type of attack you will face in a bar brawl, street fight or road rage attack is against multiple wild punches being thrown at your head. Most fights are determined by attacks to the head, so protecting your head is the most important thing! Lets face it, this is likely […]

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Carjacking


There are no single causes of carjacking, but the most common motivation for it is usually tied to the drug trade. Either the thief wants your vehicle to use in a robbery to obtain drugs, or they are already high on drugs and looking for “kicks”. It is a crime of opportunity, and therefore one […]

13 Top Tips To Prevent Identity Theft 2017


Protecting your sensitive personal information from thieves is getting harder than ever, thanks to a combination of the growth and sophistication of organized crime, and the lack of initiative on the part of banks and legislators to do anything meaningful to combat it. 13 Top Tips To Beat Identity Theft What follows is a list […]

Avoid Being Mugged


There are times when, no matter how much you try to avoid a dangerous place of situation, you will ultimately still find yourself in one. Robbery is a violent crime where a criminal, or group of them, are prepared to use force to get your property. With the rise of incidences of people becoming addicted […]

How to Deal With Bullies


Every day, millions of young people of all ages have to deal with bullying. The insidious thing about it is, that often the only people who see the severity of it are the victims. Adults all to often do not take it serious enough, and the victims are too afraid and isolated to ask for […]

Defend Yourself With Muay Thai Boxing

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Muay Thai is perhaps one of the most practical martial arts you can learn, besides also being one of the best workouts you can imagine! Learn to use your head, fists, elbows, knees and feet as weapons, plus also the rigorous conditioning techniques that go along with the art in this free Muay Thai e-book! […]

Attack Proof Yourself


It is difficult to get an accurate understanding of how common sexual assaults against women are from statistics, largely because unfortunately, a lot of these assaults are often not reported. The consequences for a victim of sexual assault are obviously not only limited to physical trauma such as injury or risk of STD/HIV, but also […]