60 Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home


Rising burglary and home invasion rates are the main reasons one might consider hiding property or valuables from others. There are many good reasons for hiding money, cash and valuables. Some of the more common hiding places for cash or valuables are a home security safe, decoy safes, gun safes, a floor safe, or some […]


How To Protect Against Bump Keys


Most police burglary statistics today estimate that in some areas over 50% of home burglaries are caused by a technique known as “lock bumping”. The average home out there has three locks, the majority of which are Yale “rim style” locks, which are the most vulnerable to bump keys. The tool used in lock bumping […]


24 Home Security Tips for 2018


With perhaps the exception of fire, home burglary is the biggest threat to our safety at home. Depending on where you live, government statistics show that a home burglary occurs every few seconds. While the exact number obviously varies, best estimates in the USA have burglaries occurring every 8 seconds. Unlike the stereotypical burglar we […]


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently


Is there a bed bug epidemic? No doubt everyone has heard of the bed bug epidemic hitting major cities across the globe in the past few years. These terrible pests have been around since ancient times, but have made a comeback in recent years for several reasons. By the 1950s, they had been almost completely […]