How To Survive a Dog Attack


With an estimated 39% of Americans now owning dogs, it is not surprising that dog attacks are also on the rise. Some of the most vicious dog attacks receive media attention, but most do not. And when one thinks of the potential risks to your person, such as loss of income and pain and suffering, […]

How to Jam Cell Phones


Life in the 21st century is characterized largely by technology we have grown dependent upon. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all tech devices are personal communication devices such as cell phones. Any new technology raises issues and with cell phones, the biggest seem to be privacy issues. The National Security Agency (NSA) in the post-9/11 […]

How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of Road Rage


Most estimates today estimate that at least half of the drivers on the road today in North America will an issue with road rage, either being a victim of it or allowing themselves to loose control over their own emotions when they feel threatened on the road. It is like a battle zone out there: […]

Practical Self Defense


With the popularity of MMA, there is no shortage of self defense advice – lot of it coming from practitioners of newer martial arts, like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While that is a great choice to study for most people, the issue is that it takes a great deal of time and discipline to become proficient at […]